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Easy to Make Peppermint Ceremony Gifts for Wedding Guests

Easy to Make Peppermint Ceremony Gifts for Wedding Guests

It's MINT to be..

Have you ever been to a wedding ceremony and felt a little hungry? Or much worse. Your breath smells funky?

It's not fun being hungry and it certainly isn't enjoyable to have stinky breath either, especially when other people have to smell it. You don't want that to happen! And on such a happy occasion too. 

Well today's blog post is a stylish new idea that will provide a small snack to all your guests who feel a little peckish, and for those who need fresh minty breath.  


To make these ceremony mints draped in tulle, you'll have to gather all the necessary materials first. Here are all the materials you will need listed below:

  1. Tulle (your choice of colour)

  2. Scissors

  3. Ribbon

  4. Packaged mints

I purchased the tulle and the York Peppermint Patties from dollarama. The rest I found at home.

If you happen to live closer to a dollar tree then you should definitely check out their huge selection of wedding products to include in your wedding decor.

1. Prepare Your Material

Make sure that you have all your materials ready at hand. You should you have your scissors, tulle, ribbon and mints close by while you get ready for your next step.

2. Cut Your Ribbon And Tulle

Using your scissors, start by first cutting a square from the tulle. If you want it to be precise, then you may use a ruler. Secondly, you'll want to cut a 12 inch (or longer) piece of ribbon. Preparing your ribbons now will make it easier on you later.  

3. Place Your Peppermint In The Centre Of The Square Tulle

Place your flattened square tulle on a hard surface, such as hardwood floor or table top. Begin by placing one or two peppermints in the centre of the tulle. Next, pinch both opposite ends together and do the same to the other two ends. 


4. Wrap It With Ribbon

Using your already cut ribbon from before while still pinching all the corner ends from the tulle together, use your free hand to wrap it around the base of the pinch. Cross the ribbons into an X and tie a simple overhand knot. 


5. Curl With Scissors (optional)

This is optional but it adds a lot more fun and style! You can curl the ribbon ends using your scissors edges. 


These little mint gifts for your wedding guests will add a touch of fun and style to your ceremony! Most guests won't be expecting any food to be served while the ceremony is in progression, so it will be a nice surprise for everyone. Plus, it's not messy. And bonus! Your guests will smell great!

If you are in the early, middle or even late stages of wedding planning, this DIY is easy to do and light on your wallet. Try it out if it interests you!

I hope you are having yourself a relaxing day! And if you aren't, then I hope you can plan something nice for tomorrow! In the mean time..

Thank you for reading this blog post! And good mental health. 



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