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Easy DIY Kraft Paper Confetti Thrower

Easy DIY Kraft Paper Confetti Thrower

Throwing Confetti is So Popular Right Now!

Do you like throwing confetti at weddings? Fantastic! I would like it too. I never threw confetti. Just blew bubbles. Tear. Bubbles were fun but it's not as much fun as throwing confetti into the air! Not only fun for guests but for the photographer too! Confetti photos are so awesome. So it was only appropriate to show you how to make your own. And gosh, is it ever cheap! 

Confetti doesn't necessarily have to be paper. You can choose anything you want! I just decided to use colorful paper I had laying around. I had bought it a couple years ago and haven't used it and thought I could use it for this project.  

What do you need?

You don't need very much for this project. It's simple and you can make as many as you want. You can change whether you want paper inside too. It's up to you. Here are the tools you'll need. 

  1. Kraft paper
  2. Colored paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Tape

I get most of my supplies from dollarama. They have an entire isle dedicated to arts and crafts so it was very easy to find what I needed. 

STEP ONE: Cut your confetti. I used colored paper. I used thin paper instead of construction because I was looking for something light. Cut your confetti in 1" or 1 1/2" strips. 

STEP TWO: Cut Kraft paper into perfect squares. I didn't have a ruler nearby so I found the closest perfect square I could. It was my eyebrow makeup set! It did the job.

You may also decided to use zig zag scissors. I think they look very cool and adds some extra creativity. Try it out if you have them available. I did not. Boo. 

STEP THREE: Making the cone. This had to be the most frustrating part of this entire project. First attempt turned into a cylinder, ugh. Second attempt turned into a cone but with a big open end. There were many other attempts after that. I couldn't possibly remember how many times I tried but in the end I finally figured it out. 

Here is what I learned. You take your square Kraft paper and turn it to look like a diamond. Then you grab both sides of your now diamond and gently roll them into the center until you form a cone shape. 

STEP FOUR: Fill it up with confetti. You know how to do that! It might take quite a bit of confetti to fill this up so make sure you have extra paper nearby for emergency. Step five is to throw! Have fun. 

My Last Thoughts..

This is a nice idea for weddings. I like that you are able to make as many confetti throwers as you want with very little money. That being said, it was a bit frustrating putting together the cone. And I wish I used something more solid, like flower petals, for confetti. It was very easy to use a lot of paper. Aside from those frustrations, I do love this idea and I would definitely do another tutorial with different designs and confetti. 

Now I want to hear from you. What do you think of this idea? Would you try this for your wedding? Would you make any changes? Tell me below!

Paper: $1.25

Kraft paper: $2.00

Have an awesome, adventurous and beautiful day! And good mental health. 

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