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Review: Magic Bubbles

Review: Magic Bubbles

Today we're reviewing Magic Bubbles. They are bubbles that don't pop, at least not for hours! As with any product, there are always pros and cons, so let me tell you about my thoughts so you can decide for yourself if you want to buy. 

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Let's start off with the positives. There is only one.

1.It actually doesn't pop

This product advertises that these bubbles won't pop and it's true! Regular bubbles pop on contact but these bubble hold their shape even with a touch of your finger. They stick to your finger and can even hold their shape for days after. I blew the magic bubbles and a couple days later I found some bubbles still holding shape on a couple chairs in my kitchen. It was pretty cool!

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The negatives. 

1. The blowing tubes are messy and unsanitary

The tubes that you have to use to blow out the bubbles becomes very messy very quickly. The liquid drips out from the blowing tube and falls everywhere, and not to mention, it's very slimy and can become a slipping hazard if you're not careful.

It's also unsanitary because it's a tube that is used through mouth contact and sometimes sharing is unavoidable because it can be so much fun to play with. Just think about those two things if you decide to buy.

2. It leaves a residue

These magic bubbles leaves a white residue on your furniture and floors, or whatever else is laying around. It's extremely easy to clean off though, which is a positive. However, if you value cleanliness then you might want to steer clear of this product and go for this one instead.

My final thoughts

Now, although there is two negatives to this product, I can say that it is a lot of fun and it's amazing to see and even watch how the structure of the bubble stays intact for hours and even days on end!

These bubbles are fun yes, but they also create a slimy, so for that reason I would not buy again. But for those that are using it outdoors (I used my indoors = mistake) in the summer, it's more fun than a slimy mess. Definitely go for it if you're not too worried about making messes!

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