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Review: Valentine's Day Lip Mold

Review: Valentine's Day Lip Mold

Chocolate is really great for molds..

Since Valentine's day is coming up (Tuesday), I wanted to make something a little special and also very cute! I had purchased a Valentine's Day lip mold at dollarama a couple weeks ago and thought of a few different ways to use it. At first I was going to make pink lip ice cubes with it by infusing it with some food colouring, although that is still a great idea, I thought chocolate was a more delicious choice! 

I chose to review this product because I wanted to see how easy it is to remove the chocolate after it dries. 



I bought Nestle's Aero chocolate to use for the mold. I love the taste of Aero. I'm going to post pictures down below of my process with little descriptions in between. 

One last thing, before I melted any chocolate, I made sure to wash the mold under some water to remove any dust particles that might have gotten inside from being left in my room. 

I bought two Aero bars just in case. Fortunately I only needed one so I got to eat the second one for myself!

I started with 30 seconds in the microwave but that did not melt it enough. So I placed it in the microwave a second time for another 30 seconds. That worked a lot better. But if I was to do this again, I would put the timer for 1:10 seconds. It would have been much more easier to have a thinner consistency to pour the chocolate into the molds. I had a bit of a hard time filling the molds because it had a thick consistency. That is one and only things I would have done differently. 

I started with just one spoon to fill them, but I found it easier when I used a second spoon to help fill the molds. At the beginning it was easier to fill because the chocolate was a tiny bit thinner (which made a difference) but as time went on you could notice the texture getting a bit thicker. All in all, it wasn't too much of a hassle. 

After filling the molds, I popped them into the refrigerator for about 5 minutes. It turned into a solid chocolate very quickly! I was really impressed with how fast they dried. And the reason I decided to review these molds because they claim to be "easy to use and a snap to clean up". They were right on that one! They were SO EASY to pop out. It almost looked like you didn't even use it. Here is part of their product description: 

“Silicone baking moulds can withstand temperatures of up to 428 F. They are easy to use and a snap to clean up.”

They really did turn out so cute. And they're very small. I know the camera might make them look a bit larger but they are not as they seem! They're relatively small! 

What do I think about it?

I think these silicone moulds are genius. The clean up was practically nothing. It was effortless to remove the chocolates from their moulds. It was an uncomplicated process and had a solid appearance. I would use this again for ice cubes!

Have you tried out the mould yet? Do you like it? Did you use something other than chocolate? Let me know! 

Cost: $1.25

Have a very nice day! And good mental health.

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