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Home Made Fizzy Pop Popsicles With Fuzzy Peach Surprise

Home Made Fizzy Pop Popsicles With Fuzzy Peach Surprise

It's fizzy,fuzzy, pop popsicle time!

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Add a little creativity to your favourite summer frozen snack with your own popsicles that you made yourself, with less than five dollars! Sweet deal.

I love to spend the least amount of money and make the greatest impact. There is much more satisfaction from doing something from nothing and getting recognition from that. That is why the dollar store remains my ultimate favourite store. It's held that title for close to 20 years!

I will always love dollarama. And dollar tree! And every other dollar store that pops up into existence.

That love has manifested into this blog that I built with passion. And from this blog, I made this post. 

It's easy, fun and a refreshing tasty treat for those hot summer months! 

How to make Fizzy Pop Popsicles With Fuzzy Peach Surprise


1. Prepare all of your necessary materials.

For this diy, you will need the following material:

  • A funnel
  • Popsicle maker
  • 2, 4 or 6 cans of different flavoured pop
  • Fuzzy peaches (or any candy you like)

The use of the funnel allows for messy free pouring of the drink. Some of us, such as myself have bad aim when it comes to pouring something into small openings. The funnel just makes 100% easier.

The popsicle maker that I use in this tutorial was found and purchased at dollarama. They were selling a few different versions, including one that looked like an ice cream cone. But my goal was to choose something that was simple and could hold the candy that I wanted.


I chose to use two different flavoured cans of pop. I wanted variety in taste and for the flavours to work well together with the fuzzy peaches. That is why I chose to use sprite and a new drink called Bubly. However, as much as the flavours worked well together, it was challenging to tell them apart because they both looked like sparkling water. I resolved this issue by colour coordinating the popsicle handles (or caps) and assigning it to each flavour.

Fuzzy peaches were an easy choice. They are one of my favourite candies and the extra sugar coating added some extra sweetness to the popsicle. I also wanted something chewy to add a little texture and sweet surprise. If fuzzy peaches aren't your thing, then certainly use any candy of your choice.

2. Wash your popsicle maker.

It's very important, as with any dish you buy that is openly visible to the public, is to wash it. Sometimes something may seem clean to you but it really isn't. This particular popsicle maker still had bits of trimmed plastic in the bottom on some moulds. And of course, a lot of people shopping grab, look and put back items and we never know where there hands have been. So it's always a good idea to wash items that you'll eat from. 

3. Add in your candy.

This step is very straight forward. Just add your candy into the moulds. I could only fit one candy into each but it was better not to over power the taste of pop. So it worked out in that regard.


4. Pour your pop into each mould using the funnel.

The funnel is going to be your best friend and make this part of the tutorial so much easier and messy free. I already own a funnel at home but they are widely available at dollar stores across the country.

This step is very easy to do. You need to directly place the bottom of the funnel over top of the mould opening. With your free hand, pour your drink slowly so you don't over pour and spill. If you're using two different flavours that look the exact same in appearance, then use coloured handles to suggest the flavour. For example, for sprite, I used the colours yellow and green because they share the same colours on its logo.


5. Freeze and serve.

The last and most important step is to place it inside a freezer for a few hours. There was some concern with spillage due to opening of the fridge but I made sure to place it in a large container, so if a spill were to occur, it can be easily cleaned up. I also picked a quiet time in the day where my family members weren't home and wouldn't open the freezer door. It worked out.

What do you think about this fizzy pop popsicle with fuzzy peach surprise? Did it turn out how you liked? Did you use different flavours? Tell me below!

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Thank you so much for reading this tutorial about popsicle making! I hope you had fun and have gotten inspired to try it out for yourself. 

I hope you have a beautiful day. And good mental health.

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