Hi Friends.

Have you been to the dollar store today?

Super Easy Miniature Cotton Candy Lollipops

Super Easy Miniature Cotton Candy Lollipops

I just love how anything miniature is always guaranteed to be cute. 

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Do you like cotton candy? Because I do. Very much.

Fluffy, melts in your mouth and tastes great.

Win, win, win.

It's just missing one thing. The cuteness factor. 

So today, The Dollar Store Girl is making cotton candy cute! And by cute, we mean making it miniature. Tiny and adorable. It's impossible not to love. We already know how delicious cotton candy tastes and how it looks when it's being sold at carnivals and fairs across the world. So naturally we just want to shrink it down and photograph it and fall in love with its adorableness. 

The process of creating this is incredibly simple and easy. You might even be able to finish one in less than a minute! These can be done almost anywhere you have room, I did mine on the living room floor but you can also choose to do it in the kitchen, which might be a more sensible choice.  Here are the steps in which I took to make these Cotton Candy Lollipops. 

Step One: Prepare your stations!

Without preparation, this might get messy and you might spend more time on it than you should be. Gather all the things you'll be needing for this such as, cotton candy (opened for access), lollipops unwrapped, a small bowl of water and plastic lunch bags and twist ties (use scissors to cut off zipper). I also recommend a small kitchen rag or paper towel to clean up any spills. Position your stations according to use. For example, your unwrapped lollipops are at the start of your line, then water (for dipping), the Cotton Candy you'll be using to wrap around your lollipop and lastly the plastic lunch bags and twist ties for packaging.  

Step Two: Dip your lollipop into water.

This is very straightforward as it requires nothing else but dipping your lollipop into water. I dipped it in cold water. 

Step Three: Wrap it up! 

This is my favourite part because everything starts to come together and the cuteness reveals itself. Not only that but it's a quiet and relaxing thing to do. 

Step Four: Package it up!

This process was mostly easy to accomplish, however the twist ties were a tiny bit challenging. With your already plastic lunch bags with the zipper cut off (horizontally) set aside, begin by blowing air into them and with your lollipop in the other hand, quickly place it inside the bag. Use your fingers to close a gap between the bag with the lollipop head and base of the lollipop. With the twist ties, use your free hand to create a "c" and place it under the base of where you want to tie it up and using your other fingers to quickly twist it securely. I didn't have any twist ties in my home so I improvised and used some ribbon instead. That would probably explain why it was so challenging in the first place..

Step Five: Eat it! Now!

I highly recommend you eat it within a couple hours of making them because the heat from inside the bag will melt the sugar and will start to look more like a very crusty lollipop instead. It's quite tasty and highly impressive!

So there you have it, one of the most creative little candies or desserts that you can make it a short time! It's easy and fun to make with friends and family members! So what are you waiting for? Go to the dollar store and pick up the ingredients and make lasting memories today!

Have an oh-my-gosh-ive-never-done-this-before-its-so-fun kinda day! And good mental health.


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