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Review: Space Saver Storage Bag

Review: Space Saver Storage Bag

It's So Much More Than Just A Boring Plastic Bag..

When I saw a commercial about these things years ago, I thought it was the absolute coolest thing in the world. Even after all these years, I still haven't tried one. Until today. We're trying it out, people! Turn on some music, get your vacuum and let's party!

The purpose of these storage bags is to clear out space in your closet and/or your dresser. It will vacuum seal your sweaters, blankets, etc and gain up to 300% more storage space. Vacuum sealing protects against moisture, mildew, moths, odors and allergens. There are a lot of benefits to storage bags aside from how fun it is using the vacuum!

I picked this up at dollarama. I found it in the cleaning isle. It's usually an isle I avoid because I never find anything interesting. Or so I thought! Yes, I know, cleaning can be boring. But not today! Today you're having fun! You're putting old clothes into a plastic bag, sucking the air out with the vacuum and being mesmerized by the entire experience! 

Let's talk about the bag it came in, shall we?

It came in a semi transparent plastic bag so you can see how the product looks inside. They used appropriate graphics and pictures to sum up the purpose of the product. They have a image of a vacuum and their storage bag which has been vacuum sealed with clothing material inside. You can get a good idea of how the product will work for you. On the top left of the package, they show a photo of a high stack of clothing which you can compare to the bottom image. 

The instructions on the back are very easy to follow. They used instructional imagery without using any written content. They include five images. The front and back also show graphics of how much space you can save. 

So why did I decide to buy this?

I feel like you already know the answer to this but I'll answer anyways. The vacuum. I have always wanted to see it in action!

When you finally hook up the vacuum to the bag and turn it on, it's nothing short of amazement. You just want to keep watching until it shrivels  up into a raison texture. It's interesting to see the before and after and compare the difference. 

So what are my thoughts?

Absolutely love it. It saves a lot of space for your closet and you can use it to pack away your winter/summer clothes. You can also use this to store other non-clothing items too. It's an efficient way to save space and it stores away in tight corners so it can be out of sight, out of mind! 

Cost: $1.25

Have a nice day! And good mental health. 


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