Hi Friends.

Have you been to the dollar store today?

Cool Find: Cooling Board

Cool Find: Cooling Board

Now this is a cool board..

Sorry for the bad joke. Well, it's not that bad! I find it funny. 

How many of you ever encountered the problem of your food warming up from the sun because you just placed everything on a regular serving plate? This happens a lot during the summertime but thankfully dollarama has you covered with this awesome cooling board!

Now you can directly add food from the refrigerator straight to the cooling board without compromising its freshness!  

What is it?

It is a freezer friendly cooling plate that you store inside the freezer for a few hours until completely frozen. 


How much is it?

It cost $2.50

Hope you will go out and enjoy all the sunny days that you can, and you can enjoy it even more with this plate cooler! What's better than sun and tasty food? Tell me. 

Have a beautiful day! And good mental health.

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