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The Burger by Tara Duggan Book Review

The Burger by Tara Duggan Book Review

I am just going to say Hamburger. 

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You're thinking about a hamburger. 

Leave it to me to find the coolest recipe books at dollarama. I'm always on the hunt for cool things at the dollar store but I wasn't expecting to find a recipe book as cool as this one. It even has the words "KA-POW!" on it, so you know it's cool! Even the side page edges are cut to look wavy. I have to give the designers and marketing team congratulations because its design made every book around it look boring. Not only is the design great but their recipes are jam-packed with different hamburger variations and modern ingredient pairings. It is going to be a tasty ride! 

What's inside The Burger Book?

This recipe book contains 100 dynamite recipes! It includes hamburgers, sides and how to make your own condiments recipes. I have always been interested in the creation of condiments such as ketchup, mayo and mustard (which they show you how to make) and was very happy to see it as one of their recipes included inside. It's a book full of flavour inspiration and will surely inspire you in your own kitchen. 

Read about the four different contents The Burger Book has to offer! 

1. The Timeless Originals

This chapter is dedicated to modern and timeless burger classics. Burgers that are known worldwide such as the bacon burger are featured here. As well, new modern classics that have become recent staples in the burger industry are also included. Most recipes in this chapter will appeal to most people including non-meat eaters. 

What I like most about the timeless originals is that they switch out beef for other meats or vegetarian alternatives. They give you a lot of different options so burgers seem less boring and more interesting. And I love the modern takes on ingredients and I think people will appreciate the idea behind them. 

2. The Gourmet Showstoppers

This chapter focuses more on the creativity of ingredients and using more premium items to add flavour to the burgers. These recipes however are nothing short of amazing. All the recipes in here are executive level and have impressive appearance so you can feast with your eyes too! 

I think the most impressive thing about this chapter is their use of simple ingredients and cooking/arranging them so creativity that it sort of becomes an art form. When the right ingredients are used together, it can transform burgers to gourmet status! 

3. The Worldwide Wonders

These burgers represent different countries around the world. They have Jamaican, Moroccan, Australian, Hawaiian, etc inspired burgers. Ingredients that are predominately known in their respective countries are used to help create the burger so you can taste the flavours of the country! 

There is one burger that really stands out to me in Worldwide Wonders and that's the Hawaiian Burger. I love pineapples and I like them grilled too. And that's the main idea of the Hawaiian burger. Plus, it uses pork instead of beef. I like pork too. And I'm positive the pineapple and pork go well together. They both start with P's! 

4. The Awesome Sideshow

This is all about sides and condiments. This is also their last chapter in the book. A lot of the recipes refer back to this chapter because it's used within the burger. Just as the chapter describes, these side recipes are truly awesome and pack some real flavour punch!

The part I most enjoy about this section is the condiments. It's always easy to squirt ketchup from a bottle and spread mayonnaise on a bun but making it yourself is more exciting. I have always wondered exactly how mayo was made and this book explains it and teaches you to make it on your own. Once you learn how, you can make it forever. 

Pros VS Cons


Most ingredients you already have at home. No sophisticated equipment used. Cooking and prep times are relatively short. Visual images to show you how it's supposed to look.


Some ingredients are premium items and might cost you more. Messy clean-up. 

Where did I find this book?

You all know of course that I purchased this at Dollarama. Do I even have to say that? Lol. But you might not be aware of what section I found mine in. Although every Dollarama is pretty much the same everywhere, some stores operate a little differently. But I found mine in the party decoration/toy section near the end. 

How much was The Burger book?

This book only cost me $3. It is a great value considering how many recipes (100 to be exact) I am getting from this book. The Burger book is cheap to buy (I mean it is from a dollar store, of course) but you receive quality recipes that don't skimp on flavour and originality.  The editors at Love Food did an excellent job!

Have you tried out a burger recipe from this book? Did you enjoy the flavours? Let me know!

I hope you have a beautiful day and encourage yourself to learn something new! And good mental health. 


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