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The Summer Table by Lisa Lemke

The Summer Table by Lisa Lemke

Summer is going to taste so good..

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I've got my hands on a new recipe book to inspire your summertime meals and desserts and you'll love it! The pictures alone are stunning and it might get you extra excited for summer. We all love summer and for good reason too. The weather is always nice, you're outside more, the barbecue parties, the list goes on.. And if there's one way to start the summer off right, it's with good food. And this book is it!

What's inside?

The contents page is an overview of everything you'll find inside, which include everything from her best tips to extra desserts. Recipes are highlighted in orange and technicalities in blue. There are 251 pages to this book.

Sweet & Savoury Flavour Boosters

This chapter is all about marinades, rubs, glazes, sauces, salsa's and herb butters! That was a lot to write. Part of the goodness of food comes from the preparation of these flavour boosters and she talks a lot about each one and their uses and importance to their dish. 

The Menus

The Menu section is categorized by popular summer events that most people enjoy participating in. For example, Mexican Grill Party features a few mexican dishes that you can make for that theme. And just to name a few more, she made dishes for Block Party, Lazy Day at the Beach Buffet and End of Summer Picnic. 

Extra Side Dishes

It it as it sounds. All about side dishes. Most of these recipes contain salads and potatoes but her skill in cooking can make these a meal of their own. Absolutely spectacular use of ingredients. 

Extra Desserts

Last but not least, we hit the dessert section of the book. At the end of each menu there was at least one dessert recipe included at the end. This is just some extra sweetness! There are about 11 extra recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. They are delicate and simple and rich with sweetness. They are the sweetest ending to this book. 

What are my thoughts?

This book is visually spectacular and the recipes were made by a skillful food artist who knows how to use ingredients well. The instructions are simple to follow and easy to read. There were a lot of recipes that caught my attention, hence why and I am so very excited for summer to join us. 

So! Do you have this book at home? Do you like it or love it? Let me know! 

Cost: $3.00

I wish you a relaxing day :) And good mental health. 

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