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Have you been to the dollar store today?

Hidden Surprise Cakes By Angela Drake

Hidden Surprise Cakes By Angela Drake

It's a recipe book full of surprises! 

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Have you ever seen one of those cakes on the internet (uhhm Pinterest) that when you slice into it, you find a surprise? A surprise such as candy or an interesting pattern! Well today I found the recipes in physical form, with over a dozen recipes for surprise cakes!

I have always enjoyed baking, or at least watch cooks bake on television. But I have baked a few times in my life and they were fun times. It was also both challenging and stress relieving. Trying to find space in the kitchen to make everything was a challenge but melting marshmallows in the microwave (for fondant) was pleasantly peaceful. Ahhh the joys!

I was ready to make new sweets since it has been more than a month since I made ginger bread cookies for christmas.  I had remembered going to Dollarama one day and seeing the book there but I didn't buy it at the time. One of the challenging parts of baking had been eliminated this year since we now have a much bigger kitchen with lots of extra space to work with. It made more sense now to buy the book. 

What's inside?

This book contains 20 recipes for surprise cakes. In the contents page there is a page guide to quickly and easily find the cake style you're looking for. Following the introduction section, you'll be able to find information on cake techniques, essential equipment and frostings to get you started. 

The Recipes

The recipes are easy to follow. Ingredients and instructions are divided into two columns followed by a highlighted dotted box indicating serving amounts, prep time and cooking times near the top of the page. Instructional photos are also included with each recipe for reference. 

What do I think?

I really like this book! It's fun and genius. And I love the different approaches they use for the surprise. Each cake they do is different from the last so you have many choices of design to choose from. 

So, please tell me! What do you think of this book? Tell us below! 

Cost: $3.00

Have a ridiculously awesome day! And good mental health. 



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