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100 Pizza's From One Easy Recipe by Rachel Carter

100 Pizza's From One Easy Recipe by Rachel Carter

This book was priced at $3.00 at  Dollarama .

This book was priced at $3.00 at Dollarama.

Warning. This book contains 100 pizza recipes. 

I knew this was going to be a good recipe book because every recipe was pizza. One hundred of them! The best part is that you only need one dough recipe, which they give you at the beginning of the book. I think that's brilliant. They also give you the recipe for sauce which you can use in almost every recipe in this book. 

If you're a person that enjoys trying something new each day and likes to be inventive with ingredients, then you will love this book. There are recipes in here that I would have never thought of doing. It's a great use of all ingredients, used in such imaginative ways. It's perfect if you love food adventure.

What will you find in this book?

Pizza. Pizza everywhere. Just kidding. There are a few non pizza recipes hiding inside too. Before we talk about what's inside, let's talk about the design of the book cover.

I bought this book because of how the cover feels against my fingers. When you touch it, it feels soft and doughy, just like pizza dough! I thought it was brilliant because the more I touched it, the more I got to look at the pictures of the pizza, which made me hungry of course. The pictures were already so appetizing and with such beautiful photography too. So I bought it. 

When I was finally able to skim through every page and look at each photo, I started finding some very new takes on toppings, and ingredient combos I would have never tried. You'll be surprised what you can put on a pizza. And you might be even more surprised that you like it!

Let us move on now to the details. What are the recipes? How is the book organized?

The book itself has 5 chapters devoted to pizza, the rest is just introduction and index. It starts off with basic vegetable pizza all the way to designer pizza. Also important to this book is its introduction. The intro is where you will find that ONE easy recipe it talks about on its cover! Plus it includes a pizza sauce recipe and some helpful hints. 

Chapter one - This chapter is all about vegetables. You can imagine at this point that it may sound boring but it really isn't. It's simple ingredients made fancy. 

Chapter two -  This one is for meat lovers. In fact the recipes get more fancier with their ingredients. You'll feel like a 5 star chef making these! 

Chapter three - This chapter is for fish and seafood lovers. There's pizza's for everyone in this book. And the elaborateness of the recipes don't stop here either. 

Chapter four - If you're a spicy food enthusiast then you'll be impressed with these recipes. They have Indian and Mexican style pizzas. Those both sound incredible. 

Chapter five -  Now we come to the final chapter. The designer. Or Novelty as it is written in the book. They get really fancy here. You can find desserts, calzones, pinwheels, pie pizza's and much more, all in this one chapter. The recipes itself look incredible and mouth watering. They really did save best for last. In my opinion at least. 

My last thoughts..

It was a great find. I love that it has divided its content into different food categories. That is very helpful when you're trying to find something. So I really like that. And of course you all know that I love how soft and airy the book feels. So fun! The recipes inside are one of a kind. It's a useful way of using ingredients from your fridge you would have otherwise overlooked. And I think my most favorite part of this book is its photography. If it wasn't for that, I don't think the pizza would have looked as appetizing as it did. Amazing. 

I want to hear from you! Have you tried a recipe from this book? How did you like it? Tell me below! 

Found: Dollarama

Cost: $3.00

Author: Rachel Carter

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