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Canada's Weather by Chris St. Clair

Canada's Weather by Chris St. Clair

An Educational Find

Finding this book on the shelf at dollarama was a nice surprise. I've always enjoyed reading a book that focuses on educating yourself on different topics, like this one, about Canadian weather. Although this book may seem uninteresting, the content inside is high quality and answers all the questions you may have before you even finish the book. 

How I came to find it. 

I wasn't actively searching out for books but I was just walking through each and every isle until I found something that interested me. I was nearing the last few isles at dollarama when I found a small section dedicated to books. It had fiction and non-fiction books. It was quietly located at the ends of the isle so it was very easy to find. 

They had a nice selection of both fictional and non-fictional books to choose from, but what caught my eye was a book about weather. More specifically, Canadian weather. With only a $3 price tag and pages chock-full of valuable information, I quickly put it into my shopping cart for purchase.  

What's inside?

Canada's Weather is a relatively thick book at 226 pages. It's written into 6 chapters and almost every page includes little factoids about weather. Every single page also includes a picture and/or diagram to help you follow along with the information and to help summarize what you read.

Chapter One:  A Land For All Seasons

This chapter simply discusses the northern, eastern, etc, parts of Canada and the weather it experiences because of where we are situated. 

Chapter Two: How the Weather Works

This is my favourite chapter because you'll finally understand why the weather works the way it does. It's packed full of info graphics to help you understand weather changes more easily. There are so many reasons to be fascinated with our weather. Read about it!

Chapter Three: The Seasons

This chapter focuses on all four seasons that Canada experiences in a year and its affects on our regions, like the praires, west coast, the north and the Atlantic. There is a great deal of valuable information packed into this chapter, so absorb as much as you can!

Chapter Four: Weather Watching

Have you ever wanted to know how weather stations record present and future weather conditions? Well that's what this chapter is all about. It talks about the different types of machines used around Canada to record weather patterns. 

Chapter Five: Canadian Weather Disasters

A brief history on Canada's past weather disasters and its profound affect it had on its land and inhabitants. 

Chapter Six: Climate Change

This chapter talks about the climate changes happening in Canada and around the world and some solutions to help slow the rate of global warming. 

My last thoughts..

I think this book is great. It is so easy to grasp the information and start to better understand Canadian weather. And what I love most of all is that even if you skim through the book, you can still pick up valuable information through its little factoids. I believe that those factoids are easier to remember and understand. 

Canada's weather is a great choice if you're looking for an educational book. It has beautiful photography and info-graphics that make learning much easier. 

Now I want to ask you! Have you read this book? What do you think about it? I want to know your thoughts. Leave your comments below. 

Author of book: Chris St. Clair

Found at: Dollarama

Price: $3.00

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